Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blah blah blog....

So the boys are foldin' up them new shirts, and I'm feelin blahg. I said via in that last post. In previous posts I've said things like small kine and personal slide. In real life I don't really say such things. Is it the bro-down? The pressure of hipsterous blogdom that I have put myself into? Did I just see a film called The Present? Have I been in the industry long enough? Not long enough? Maybe it's my long distance myspace relationship that lets me type every day? Am I in love with computers? Are the Japanese taking over the surfing world? Do you read Thrasher Magazine? Is Griswald coming in tomorrow? Do I really just miss my girlfriend? Have I not been surfing enough? THATS IT! Well, the last two. I'm done now. Check out Svrf&Destroy. They might be able to help. Me.

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