Monday, July 6, 2009

Quiver Me Timbers!

Hey there blogsters, just poking around the shop admiring all of the fine crafts we have living here at the moment and was wondering just how many surf sliding devices are actually in this little tienda. HMMMMMMM? To my delight I counted 503 sliders of all shape, size and style waiting for promising new owners just like puppies and kittens at the pound. (we don't euthanize boards???) Adopt your next pet too! Please! On a lighter note, there are over 40 used boards looking for a second chance, 3 Stand Up Paddle Boards for those afraid to lay down and 33 skateboards ready to roll! Hey you could even rent a board and have 15 to chose from. Oh yeah, we also just got a fancy new array of 50 Captain Fins that look nicer than your grandma's caddy. Stop on by, look, touch, dream, buy, don't buy, enjoy. Don't act like your not impressed....

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