Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Spirit

If cave men were still around this is what they'd look like, if the Jetsons surfed this is what they'd ride. this fish is fast, smooth, and flies like a space mobile
If you wanna check one out you could use a telescope 'cause this things outta this world, or an easier option, just cruz on in to Mitch's surf shop in Solana Beach

Friday, March 27, 2009


Floating Sidewalks? No, that's what they're called, and that's what they are.

9'9" 233/4 31/8

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


9'6", 20 1/2, 31/8

For all your wave assault needs here's a fully automatic, two tone, Christenson Gun

Spring Suits are here

wishfull thinking? in the meantime our full suits are at 30% off

US Blanks

Ernie from US Blanks came buy today to drop off a brand new catalog and some new blanks for all your foamy needs

(look at Jon haha)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Avoid The Noid, Fear The NEARD

The Neard is a rare beast, vicious and manly yet timid. It only comes out at night and does not cast a shadow, if you see the Neard proceed with caution 'cause they are known to bite, but not hard. Luckily we have capture this specimen on camera. If you care to see one up close, its still lurking around the shop, which is the Neards natural habitat.

But don't say I didn't warn you

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fin Curious

Does anyone know? Most say don't do it, but I don't think they know either. It says right on it that it works. (Greenough)

The Fog...

...is in the air, and in my head after them green beers... Hi.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Pats Night, or how to make/drink green beer

I couldn't do this at the shop cause I had no time today, (he he heh) but now I can! (since I'm not getting too crazy and staying in for the night) You're right, not much to do with surfing or the shop. Except that it is one of America's most popular and very important Holidays! A day committed to drinking GREEN BEER, ALL DAY LONG! I've heard it means something else, but not so much here in our most wonderful country! First off, the night before, eat something healthy, like this giant plate of asparagus raviolis accompanied by no less than one whole zucchini, one whole carrot, one whole orange bell pepper, some fresh chopped garlic, and a wink of good luck. This should help with any Irish car bombs, shots of whiskey, many green beers, or the fact that you started drinking at SIX in the morning, maybe.Next you will need beer. I suggest a light colored beer. I think most bars use Bud Light or something equally as cheap and yellow. Now this choice is not Irish at all, but if you do yer research, neither is this Holiday in this darn country! We R USA, we do what we want! I almost went for Bud, but thought Stella would be equally appropriate, being yellow in color, and not from Ireland! Plus it's almost my birthday so I figured I deserved the better taste and quality. I know some of you would argue that point, but this is about surfing, so just hold yer horses.Next up, you'll need some food coloring. I suggest green. Since this is the ultra modern world of technology, science, and fashion, they now offer different shades of green. Or maybe you are an aspiring artist, and would like to mix your own color, just like them fancy resin tints on dem dare surfin' boards. You know how they say these days, in total political correct-ness, "Just keep it green, bro." I got NEON green. It wasn't liquid, like that guy said. More like a paste, toothpaste? So mixing it into the beer was a bit of a hassle. I did not ruin a beer trying to stir it in. I accepted the challenge, and made a premix solution, therefore not harming any fresh bubbly beer. (thankyou) After you have made your premix (if needed) pour either before, with, or after the beer. I chose with the beer, so as not to further agitate the already unstoked beer, due to its origin changing it was about to face.

Here you get a glimpse of the green premix about to forever change the life of this not even Irish Brew. Oh the horror!

And here it is, the finished product! So beautiful on this day of Americanized Irish Holiday! Completely ready to be enjoyed by some confused soul who thinks he is actually part of something big! In this case, that would be me.

Oh the horror! A Belgian Beer disguised as Irish, shot against a Mexican Flag surfboard by an Englishman!

Such Glory in it's Green-ness!

Still looks good after it's used! Happy St. Pats!
Disclaimer: this should have been posted the previous night. Or at least the morning of. Posted and Photographed are entirely different. You decide.......

St. Patrick's No Post Day

Happy Green Day! No, not the band. Today is kind of a no post day. Short staffed so I don't have time for photos or funniness, strictly business. No post day's are lame, sorry. Strike 2!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Purple Fin Eater

Here we have a Bing Synchronizer, 5'8. Bonzer-ific bottom contours, Pro-Box fin system gives you fore and aft fin adjustment,(that means up and down, I mean forward and back) plus cant adjustment inserts so you CANT be bummed on yer board. Fins include a center Bonzer, twin keels, side bites for twinzer/quad option, and four Bonzer side runners. Its like 62,876 boards in one!!!

Bonzo Gonzo

Twinzer mcfinzer
Clark's set-up. He actually rode this today and said it didn't go so well. Hmm.

and just in case you happen to not like the endless fin possibilities that Bing supplied you with, "Turd Fininson" has some after market performance options, if you so incline

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lorraine Sez....

Sorry Mayko!
It's Friday The 13th, do you know where your cupcake is? Check the rails on that fork! Now that's just weird.

Happy Feets

As a blogsterous hipster, I must always keep my eye out for photo opportunities. I saw this one and thought it was neat. These cool cats grabbed some kick arse Bings and a Mandala, shredded 'em, and we're gonna ship 'em over the pond for them. Wonderful display with the footwear, thanks for the photo dudes! Arigato!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blah blah blog....

So the boys are foldin' up them new shirts, and I'm feelin blahg. I said via in that last post. In previous posts I've said things like small kine and personal slide. In real life I don't really say such things. Is it the bro-down? The pressure of hipsterous blogdom that I have put myself into? Did I just see a film called The Present? Have I been in the industry long enough? Not long enough? Maybe it's my long distance myspace relationship that lets me type every day? Am I in love with computers? Are the Japanese taking over the surfing world? Do you read Thrasher Magazine? Is Griswald coming in tomorrow? Do I really just miss my girlfriend? Have I not been surfing enough? THATS IT! Well, the last two. I'm done now. Check out Svrf&Destroy. They might be able to help. Me.

It's a Bird-It's uh....

Planer Tees just arrived via Sean from FWD Screenprinting. Art by world traveler Chris Del Moro. Also got some good 'ol Sprout tees in, but I'm too lazy to takapicha. Is this real life?