Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summa eeezz heeeyuh....

Public Service Announcement courtesy of Hippy Tree.

I've been sleeping on the blog again......Damn! It's been over a month since my last update and since we have gotten a new RVCA display with a grip of new threads to go with it along with a full new order of Hippy Tree gear and a bunch of new Birdwell Britches! Also......The Takayama folks dropped off five new hand-shaped EPS longboards that are lighter than a bag of popcorn! These are seriously light for those who chose to ride lengthy boards but want uber-high performance. I weighed them all and they are all just shy or at the 10lb. mark!!!! They will be living in La Jolla so if you have any questions or you want to see them in real life drop on by down there. And yes.....The Kookboxes are on the way, we should be seeing about thirty of them trickling in over the next couple months so keep that eye peeler handy. Summer is here and so are the uncanny crowds, aggro- drivers, packed parking lots and overall mayhem she brings with her warm weather so remember to give a little, breathe a little more and think about September a lot. - -Bloggins-
8'6" EPS Takayama Double Ender
9' EPS Takayama Beach Break
9' EPS Takayama Noah Ka Oi Model
9' EPS Takayama In the Pink
In the pink
The boys approve!