Monday, November 23, 2009

All A Board!!!

Bloggins atcha again....Hey folks hope everyone had their fill of turkey and family drama, word is that there was some pretty hot wave action over the holiday weekend, hope you all were able to escape the house and get some sliding in. I've been trippin for a week up here in the Nevada land, (Tryptophanin that is...) the turkey and taters diet has taken hold and the leftovers are holding position in the fridge unwilling to dissipate. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone we can surely bet the Christmas mayhem will bless us in all kinds of stressful and uncanny ways. If you didn't get your fill last weekend come on in and gobble up one of these crisp new sticks we got in over the past week. The gents from Takayama and Kookbox both dropped bundles o' shred off for us. Got some dandee Kookbox diamond tail eggs and oddly unique twin fins as well as some real nice Takayama In the Pinks, an EGG 2 and a Scorpion. Like I said Christmas is coming and tis the season to do random, unexplainable, and downright wonderful things like buying someone you fancy a fancy new surfin board! We now also officially have all of our winter steamers in and ready for the call of duty. Stop on by the website or the shop in Solana or La Jolla for some gift idears or just some surf conversation and maybe an energy drink (please take one....) Be thankful! Until next time, stay surfy surflings. -Kenny B-
New rendition of the Kookbox laminate, it's got slash marks cause yer gonna be slashin on this thing man......
Three Kookbox Diamond Tail Eggs lookin pretty swell here, 8' purple people eater, 7'10 Half n Half and a 7'8 Red with blue bottom. Smaller versions of Joel's classic long board template but still with enough volume throughout to float King Kong.

Here's the slasher again, glass on tall full rake twin fins with sanded finish. Something fishy is going on here......

Twin pins, diamond pins, swallow twins, Siamese twins we got em all down here at Mitch's. No job, no credit, no problem. We finance anybody, if you can speak and have a name come on down!!!

More candid moments with our fishy friends down here, these are diamond tail twin fins. Sanded finish with glass on fins, no kooky boxes here..... just kooky box boards.

Under bellies of some one of a kind surfin sleds, sure to be a good time in San Diego surf. Specially if yer surfing the trashy north county bank walls we get so often. Foam is your friend.

Twin pin and friend. These guys deserve to be in the water, come be a humanasurfatarian and take one of these with you for a dip. Almost maybe guaranteed to work really well.

This here beautiful contraption is a 7'2" Takayama Egg 2. Flo egg style rails with a slight bevel and thinly foiled tail. Flatter entry rocker and bottom into a highly pronounced V in the tail. If you don't want a fish and you don't want a long board than I don't know what you want. You probably want this board but just don't know it yet. Come see, I dare you. Re-evaluate your impression of a full rail turn.

Rail to rail this thing should be sharp and alert with the option of riding one fin for lift and trim or three for power and hold. If you want a board for most everything this could be a great choice.

This here is also an all around rider for those riders who want lots of padalability and also want something that responds really well off the tail. A bit flatter in the nose than the Egg2 as well as wider enabling access to the nasal passage in certain circumstances. As far as hold in steep surf this board will impress even the most tubular of bros.

The scorpion also has a significant V in the tail which makes rail to rail transitions quite satisfying for such a wide board. With such a pulled in tail and fluid rail line this template is one of the fastest sticks around.

In the Pink room? In the Pink Panther? In the Pinky Toe? Never was quite sure what Donald named this board after or about but it most definitely is one of the most popular all around longboards in the world. We sell more In the Pinks than any other board we carry. Surf head high Oceanside and do off the lips and ride the curl, then head on down to Pipes and dangle your flanges for a bit. These things will do it all.

Yellow top and blue bottom make green rails!

All the pinks come with a single fin box accompanied by fcs buttons. Pop in the side fins for carvage or pull em out for that good ol' fashioned single fin longboard pivot turn. It's like a magic carpet.