Saturday, April 10, 2010


Check this thing out! Mitch told us about this thing a ways back, and its finally made its way in to our hands. This is a very rare Donald Takayama Millennium Edition Single fin. As you can see from the lam this is the second one that was produced! Donald only made a limited run of these boards for some of his distributors, and made sure to autograph the foam. This board was made for Mitch himself as you can see the personalized note, "To Mitch, Much Aloha, Donald Takayama", which is sealed within the hot coat. This model was made for the new Millennium back when Walker foam was still around. The high density foams that were used look amazing when you get the board out in the sun. At the right angle it looks as though each section is tinted.

Six blanks were used to produce this board. Therefor if you ever run into another one you know that it will not be the same. Each blank started off in one solid color. Once the blanks were blown they were cut into six pieces and a section from each blank was glued together to form a Millennium blank.

For the Eight years that I have been here I have never seen a Takayama with a Glass on fin like this. Everything now a days is more performance oriented, and I bet that you couldn't get him to put one of these fins on a model that he has today.

Let us know if you guys have ever seen one of these. If not come check it out at our Solana Beach location. They cost a pretty penny so my guess would be that only collectors have these in their quivers.