Saturday, March 14, 2009

Purple Fin Eater

Here we have a Bing Synchronizer, 5'8. Bonzer-ific bottom contours, Pro-Box fin system gives you fore and aft fin adjustment,(that means up and down, I mean forward and back) plus cant adjustment inserts so you CANT be bummed on yer board. Fins include a center Bonzer, twin keels, side bites for twinzer/quad option, and four Bonzer side runners. Its like 62,876 boards in one!!!

Bonzo Gonzo

Twinzer mcfinzer
Clark's set-up. He actually rode this today and said it didn't go so well. Hmm.

and just in case you happen to not like the endless fin possibilities that Bing supplied you with, "Turd Fininson" has some after market performance options, if you so incline