Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glass-ons for the glass off......

Scrub it!

For certain surfsters the strength and consistantcy of a traditional glassed on fin are a must have. The resilience and performance reliability of glass-ons makes them optimum if your not lugging your board around the world. For those select home break purists there are still quite a few traditional logs being made out there that will fill this niche . Here's what we have quietly hibernating in our board racks. Big fins and big grins! -Bloggins-
9'2" 1960's Jacobs Takayama Replica.
Triple redwood sticks
Classic Volan Glass is sure to impress!
Wall hanger or speed machine?
Make no'll have sufficient rake!
Limited production run of these beauties. 1,600 duckets ain't bad.

9'9" Michel Junod Pignar Biscuit Supreme with custom artwork by Thomas Cambell.
Hold fast captain!

Nice Hips, Pretty Looks, Lots of personality.....
I got her # for you! 1,335 @ Mitch's (858) 481-1354
9'9" Glowing blue tint, volan glass, cedar stringer, heavy weight champion of the coast........The Christenson CC Slider!
D-D-D-D-dddddd drop into it!
Still gots some rocker
Knee patch if you feel like diggin' 1,125
And another heavy weight contender....9'2" CC Slidin'
Da fin'
Da Patch and Da volans..... 1,090
10' CC Slider Tan Opaque. 1,200
Yep.....just as suspected!
Another facemeltingly beautiful log yearning for some one's undying devotion.

9'9" CC Slider, twin cedar sticks, volan, knee patch, 1,125
Black pin lines for aesthetica

9'10 Gato Heroi 1,050
Nicely foiled and appropriately named the New Pleasure.
Another porky piece of work.
Rocker is still hip.

9'9" New Pleasure, with Balsa String Flex Capaciter..
Redish raddish foilish skegness.
Some Color
She's just a pig. 1,050
North county anthem
Color work on this one is down right radical.
This one's called the Kook Killer, don't kill yourself! 1,250

Get Hyped?
9'9" New Please sure.
Dig it.
Pig it 1,194