Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Patience Prevails

If you follow our blog you know that we are a little lazy when it comes to updating it. If you've ever order a board from Mr. Pavel we understand why your so patient. Our friend Rafa ordered this board, lets say yesterday, and we just got it in.
The long await was for this 9'8 x 23 x3 3/8 custom Chioce. Color hand picked by Rafa, and laid up by the fine gentleman of Channin in Encinitas.
Generally we have always had Rich's smaller quad fish, but from the looks of this board we had to order another for the shop.
Dont worry, the boards already been laminated and is being sanded! This board, as you can see, is a custom but we will be posting the new Pavel that we have coming when we get it.
Once again, sorry for taking so long to put new post up. Thanks for tuning in.