Thursday, February 24, 2011

North County Candy Shop!

With an abundance of moisture falling from the sky and a fear of sprouting a new felange or getting some unknown funktification from the suspect water quality, we here at the shop haven't been partaking in the surprisingly good surf that has been rolling in this past week. I was amazed to see how many people know better than to paddle out after a vicious rain these days. I went by all the keystone spots throughout the county on Sunday and Monday and I only saw a few lonely rubber men willing to gamble the fecal. Maybe we are evolving and becoming wiser, maybe no one can afford to get sick these days, or maybe the rewards sometimes don't outweigh the daunting prospect of contracting some gnarly hepatitis or staff that we've all heard about. Whatever it is, it sure was neat to see some really nice waves roll on through, un-ridden and un-abused. If your not rolling the dice with your health we hope you're finding something to fill your stoke quota with, I know we are. We built a ramp, got a bunch of new skateboards to surf around the town on and have been keeping the shop on the up and up with more and more killer contraptions, devices, literature, and fabric to keep you smiling through these torrential onslaughts. Be Safe, Give Respect, Get some feelings! Thanks for scrolling through. -Bloggins-

New Bing Levitator 9'8"x 23 5/8 x 3"

If ya can't dangle your piggys on this than you might wanna just turn to the dark side and start sweeping.
Levitator 9'4"x 23 5/8" x 2 7/8"
What's Black and White and read all over? A Newspaper.....and this Bing dream stick! (it's more of a pomegranate color though...)

Devon Howard surfs Cardiff really well, he lives and works across the street and his boards really illustrate these facts. Really pleasing smooth pig template, perfect foils, belly front to rear,one fin, wedge color foam stringers and some really nice colors ta boot'. Designed to really hot dog in the pocket and accelerate in trim like dream. Maybe not your go to nose rider but sure to dazzle the surfer looking for the certain feelings.
9' Howard Special, Grey and Dark Blue foam wedge.

9'2" Howard Special. Yellow Green with dark green and yellow foam wedge.

Our Takayama Quiver Runs ridiculously deep, 16 Scorpions, 1 Beach Break, 1 Steven Slater, 1 In the Pink w/ Beach Break Rocker, 1 DT-1, 2 DT-2, 1 DT-4, 6 Howard Specials, 1 Glass Slipper, 3 Model T's, 2 NR-2, 2 Eric Sommers and......25 In the Pinks!!!!!!


They're crawling out the door! Take one to the beach and get stung.
Italian Race Car drivers; Russian Mobsters, French Entrepreneurs, and Sun burnt-Flip Flop wearing surf bums can all appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of handmade Italian glass lens shades.
That's right! All of our Matix product is half off. Real cheap, real nice stuff!

11 Classic Powell Peralta Re-issues, 30 Sector Nines, 3 Arbors. Sidewalk Surfing isn't the new anything. It's the fountain of youth! Roll your bones!
Cubics, Rat Bones, and OJ's. We got the cred to SHRED!
Better than your average Lumber Yard.
We're packing up and headed to Walos for the week.

Nice new brims.
Takayama Captain's Hats, now you too can command your log with authority and get the respect you deserve!