Friday, February 27, 2009

K-58 Surf Designs

James Mangano of K-58 Surfboards and BMC
fame came by today to pick up some freshly
grooved foam.
James surfs Black's every morning and shapes for
some of the guys out there. He was Jim
Swarthows (the machine) first customer, and
has been getting boards cut here for amost a
year now.

He also does crazy art on most of his boards,
his car, and various other bland objects. His
website should be up and running in two
weeks or so. ( He will
have some new modelsup too. James does
his own glassing, but if
he didn't shape it, watch out for the surf
industry phenomena known as "The
Backburner". AKA Next Week...

BOARD of the DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandala 7' OH Stubbish 1+2. 101 bamboo sider biters, 21" wide, 3 1/4" thick, tint of super
nice ice ala Moonlight Glassing. Fun summer cruise.......