Friday, September 10, 2010

Matuse #2

This is the scene where it went down. Last night while closing the shop, I threw my Matuse #2 out the door to this area in front of the shop. I then grabbed two boards and set them down next to the wetsuit. Finished locking up and got ready to go home.
I'm not sure what happened previously. I don't think Matuse #2 has seen Matuse #1 since the fiasco on the freeway, therefore they would'nt have talked about the mini vacation #1 took. This leads me to believe #2 read my post about the freeway, which is hard to believe because he has been in my truck and out surfing these past few days. So now I'm wondering if #2 has telepathy abilities, mind reading, etc. Either way, I think there must have been some kind of a jealousy issue going on with the two suits.
It appears that #2 also needed some time away. Unloading the truck at home last night I had a very familiar feeling that I had just recently. My Matuse #2 was nowhere to be seen. How did I not see it lying next to the two boards? Did it hide? Does my vision cut out after a hard day at the shop? Is it a chameleon? Maybe an octopus? Somehow #2 got wind of #1's night in the streets and just had to try it out-fair enough. This time I knew exactly where he was staying that night, so it would be an easy find in the morning.
On the way to surf DMRMOD I stopped at Mitch's to pick up my delinquent wetsuit. Much to my dismay, #2 was gone. Yep, good karma gone bad. Now if it was a chameleon, I guess he could have walked somewhere. But we all know that a Matuse wetsuit is not a chameleon. The only option I can think of is somebody picked up my #2 for reasons I will never understand. I mean I pee in that thing at LEAST 4 times per session.....