Friday, July 29, 2011

More stuff you shouldn't convince yourself you don't need.

Been kinda jazzing up the skateboard selection these days with some unusual and classic sticks. Here's a Jay Adams Replica with Indys and OJ3s. Your shirt and shoes will just fly off as soon as you step on this thing. 135-
Another classic replica type board from a few years prior. G&S fibreflex sidewalk shredder. 145-
More of the same but always different I suppose. I counted 54 skateboards, 242 new surfboards and 46 used surfboards all quietly and patiently waiting for someone go give them a chance.

Santa Cruz screaming foot if skating wasn't fun enough now you get to ride a big blue foot. 125-

Santa Cruzer Eyeball 115-
Here's another replication of an old model. Santa Cruz Jammer, real similar to the late 70's ones. 118-
Santa Cruz Slasher....every kid had this or had a friend who had one or at least wanted one. 140-
Santa Cruz Big Foot. Bwaaahahahaha!!!! 135-

Cruzer Fishes with built in bottle openers for opening soda pop. 140-
Pintail speed machine. Jim Phillips Art. 135-
New road commander from Arbor seems like it would handle some serious hillage. 165-
Takayama Scorpions. Coke Bottle Green Tint and Custard Yellow Opaque. 1025's

Nat Young and Donald have finally refined and released Nat's new model. A wide tailed, piggy pocket rocket than can handle some juice.
Red Semi Opaque Tint Classic Single fin with a more rolled up softer rail.
And the clear with a 2+1 Setup and a down rail in the tail for a little more tail response and agility.
New Sector 9 Rigs. Bamboo decks with soy-based wheels and soy-based ink graphics. Joel Tudor model with built in rolling tray for rolling.....dice? 145-

Counted 166 fins in the shop that we have for sale. Chances are we've got something that will make your board gangbusters.

7'2" Takayama Flo Eggs. Mint Acid Swirl/White opaque w reverse lap 1,000. Olive Green Opaque top with reverse lap 950.

7'6" Takayama Flo Eggs. Solid white opaque with grey foam t-band 1,010. Yellow tint with orange foam t-band and reverse lap with black pin 950.

Takayma Scorpion, clear deck, red and black acid trip.

Takayama Mike Stidham Model. A wider and fuller beach break-ish high performance board.
Solid Semi-opaque white, sanded gloss, t band stringer 1,070

9' Bing Lightwieght. Green/Grey patchwork 1,065

9' Bing Silver Spoon, triple stringer, solid army green tint 1,060

9'2" Bing Elevator Solid Royal Blue tint 1,100

9' Bing Levitator Pomegranate tint, twin cedar stringers 1,030

9'6" Bing Levitator Champagne tint, twin cedar stringers 1,065 Sweet Dreams.... -Bloggins-