Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Falling into place....

Hola Amigos, the fall season is undoubtedly coming to a close as we all wait anxiously for the evident decision to be made as to whether we will be heavily weathered or not from the El Nino.
We got the roof fixed at the shop in anticipation for months of soggy splendor. Tuned up the garden real nice with some solid rations and stocked the cabinet full of coffee. As I said last post all of our new winter neoprene and geoprene has arrived and though we may see warmer than normal mid winter temps you will undeniably be in a wetsuit, why not be in a lightweight freshy that makes these possible epic winter sessions that much more enjoyable. New 101 fins are here, if you haven't seen, held, or surfed these things let me tell you what. Eliminating fin weight on any board is progressive, especially on a quad, adding flex to a fin can change your idea of a turn entirely. On the flip side keeping stiffness can be a crucial demand for quad and thruster sets in which bamboo has proven viable. These new longboard fins are built to last and are much more environmentally sound than others. 101 bamboo fins are surely to be a staple in the surfriding world from here on out. Flexy, strong, Stiff, Lightweight and Nice Looking. Find the characteristics you need for your steed. Blab atcha soon, Kenny B

2nd Annual Zombie surf session at George's Beach Friday Oct. 31st!!! Keep your eyes out for slow crossing pedestrians on the coast hwy. There should be some creepy trim figures gliding through the water and a whole lotta coffin rides for certain. This is sure to be a hell of a time! Don't kill yourself! Go grab some old cryptic rags throw em over your wetsuit, maybe dash yourself with corn syrup and white zinc and go shred dead! All dead and undead invited, zombie garb be delighted.

Oceanside doing it's magical fall dance here, one of the best places to be on the coast in the fall if you can just so happen to fall into place here at the right time. Often one of the most tubular of breaks around during it's showing times and with enough punch to give you a nice pummeling, which can be really refreshing after a summer of riding north county slup banks.

The garden was fully exasperated by the end of September with only a few haggard tomaters hanging on. Our amazing build something outta nothing, plant a forest outta dirt green thumb all pro shop guy Billy has replanted a splendiferous assortment for the winter. Broccoli, Red onion, Carrot, Garlic, and Romaine Lechuga will hopefully give us shop kids some wholesome natural nourishment to keep our carcasses scrambling for those hefty winter bombs.
Got some bamboo skegs sprouting in the succulents, looking pristine and healthy. This here an integral part to any bonzer surf shape. 6.5" 101 Bamboo Bonzer template $99
8.5" Longboard Wide Template nicely developed for those slightly shorter logs with 2+1 setups for big guys looking for hold or lighter pilots looking for an all around single. $109
9" Flex could be quintessential for one's adored hull or singlefin. Virtually no fin weight in the tail and a snaptastic flexibility range will make your old fin feel tired. $109 ( note: below is 9" flex and above is 9" Narrow. sorry bout that.)
9" Longboard Narrow. Ample flex and uber light. Less tip volume and rake make this a really maneuverable diverse choice those surfing mostly tail to center in 2-5' longboard surf. $109
9" Longboard has a fuller body throughout, a wider tip and more sweep. Great all around fin for surfsters who surf off the tail and get to the front to dangle piggies. Will work great in steeper and faster surf as well. $109