Friday, May 21, 2010

Attract Some Womens With Yo Simmons

Yes, we know what you're gonna ask, when does the movie come out? We don't know. We did ask this time though and they said "this summer." That was also said last summer, and the one before that, and the one before that. What we do know is that these guys know how to make a Mini Sim, but we'll call it a Mini Simmons (Bob SIMMONS) cause Jon doesn't like to abbreviate things. We also know that these are the guys that made them popular. The boys at Swift just dropped off two boards shaped by Rusty P.
5'4 Simster. This one is different from your other Simsters, the guys ended up making this model a lot thinner than the others. They said that it is more of a performance model that a light weight will surely enjoy.
Tee shirts by Tyler Warren show you how you should be riding 'em.
A wing that will make you sing.
Three fins to attract those womens.
And of course, the Mini Simmons Casper 5'8. This is the craft that started the whole deal. The board that made every shaper try to convince you that they could make one. The board that plays the leading role in the mysterious film "HYDRODYNAMICA!" This is the twin fin that is in.
Double Casper tee...
Thanks for reading to the end. Enjoy the at Mitch's.