Friday, July 17, 2009

Art guys go Mitch's.....

Solitary Arts skateboards
Pianist Plankster.
Arts shirts by GM
Wheels and lumber hand made in California!!
Mucho camisas guey......

Cotton varietals.
New logo by Chris Del Moro.....(thanks bud)
Real life color for the planer tee. Yippee!

We got some nice new shirt designs here in the shop, a couple new color ways on some classics and a new anchor logo courtesy of Mr. Chris Del Moro and his artistry. We been folding for a week around here, I'd be willing to bet my water logged 8' doyle that we got your size. Stroll on in, try one on, own a piece of history? Also, some cool duders up there in the bay area sent down some groovy sidewalk surfing boards ( Geoff McFetridge, Yong-Ki) of Solitary Arts. If your feeling the need for a new roller rider this could be a choice, and when you slam from speed wabbles a nice new Mitch's T could sort of maybe kinda save you from harsher road rash a little bit. THanks.