Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Kooks

Let Us Pray

Been feeling sketchy lately, so I was very happy to see this today. I drove back and parked the car to pay my respects. It was also the first time I had been up close and personal with Our Beloved Kook. I don't know if birds like him or dislike him, or maybe he waxes his face, but it looks like he has seen better days.
There was also some offerings at the base of the Kook, either brought by birds or local surfers (sinners). But the strangest thing happened while I was there-something magically appeared out of thin air-
I had no idea the Kook drank 40's of Mickeys. (The bottle was empty)
Something else I learned on this Holy day, the Kook needs a new shaper. The outline is all kinds 'o bumpy, and that rocker doesn't look to hip either. Possibly the reason for his wack style on this floater (?) attempt. Maybe if he gets a new board he will look more like something all the locals expected. (Machado)
Any shapers out there willing to help?