Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Having a healthy eating contest today. Juice scored highly with his choice of Open-Faced Chili Size, but was later penalized for ordering a stock menu item.

Jim Swarthow took it one step further by creating his own sandwich-Jalapeno Poppers on Cheesy Garlic Bread. This is pretty heavy considering he doesn't really like cheese.
Such actions are most likely caused by attempting to surf a brand new board at a spot called BARNEY'S. Who in the #&*% would surf a place called Barney's anyway? Swarthow is already feeling ill. MMMMMMMM-CHEESE

Gypsy Quiver

So basically I just wanted to create a little quiver of some pretty rad boards that I would like to see on my racks at home.

6'1" Mandala Hull
5'7" Free Spirit Skatie little fish
6'0" Christenson C-Hawk(super fast & fun, yeah?)
This one we got in yesterday. 8'0" light weight PinTail by BING (awesome)
9'2" GATO HEROI Cody Simpkins model