Friday, May 18, 2012

Turn your sidewalk into a wave with one easy step!

The Joel Tudor and Gavin Beschen models are fully functional sticks for all encounters. Boogie some carves down your hill, snap an ollie up a curb or throw down some grindings in your local pit, ditch or u-ramp.

Some shiny new Arbor and Sector 9 street cutters showed up yesterday, the artwork and overall craftsmanship on these boards is purdy gersh dang nice lemme I tell ya. Arbor has teamed up with Sector 9 under the same roof which seems like a pretty good deal to me!  Sector and Arbor are some of the last skate companies still pressing lumber and printing boards in the good ol" USA!!!! Nice work fellas! Keeping it legit, we like that! -Bloggins
 Arbor pin tail speed gremlin, swallow tail sidewalk eater and symmetrical carve monster.

They just keep sneaking out of the shop! Guess it feels more like home out front:)