Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well the hard goods and surfboards are always impressive but, here's some stacks of fresh new camisas that are hard to come by and will most certainly make you look much more dudical than you look now.
Sean over at Forward Screenprinting just printed us a whole new batch of shop shirts. All new colors and blends by American Apparel offer up some super soft, great fitting and swell looking gear.
We got lots of color.
New women's baseball shirts turned out pretty hot.
Full stock of zip-ups in new colors too!
Freedom Artists water color print.
Hippy Tree public service announcement.
Never spoils.
We still got some of these too.
Classic 70's Rainbow Fin Co. logo just re-issued.
Takayama noserider head rider.
Takayama lids!
Chris lids!
Christenson shirts in turquoise and white.
Model T shirts.
Olive and cream birds.
Heather green birds.
HPD pocket T.
Christenson pocket print.
Classic Takayama Logo on blended salmon color shirt.
Kookbox Harrison Roach.
Kook circle T in black, green white and navy.
Big skull logo in army green, black, navy and white.
Kookbox humanitarian effort, yellow, white and red.
And this.....Holy Shnikes!