Monday, September 28, 2009

New news.......

New Christenson Logo should be appearing on a log near you!
9'6' Mickey Detemple double ender.

9'3" Detemple Green and Brown and a 9'3" CC Slider. Compliments to the chef......
7' yellow C bucket, 7' Bluegrey C Bucket, 7'6" Black Dagger Ninja Bucket (comes w/ 2 cases of wax)
Sunny Sea Bucket
El Nino commander.
Classic Christenson color magic.
nice tail ends.
Yellow 5'9" and blue 6'1" Creek Fish
The new breed.
5'11" Green Creek fish
Lime w/purple pin lines.

Howdy cyber lurkers, been on an unintended hiatus for a bit here on the blogness but I got some interesting stuff to talk about today. We got a 30% off deal going on all of our Jerry Springers and jackets, the water out there is still hovering in the high sixties to the seventy degree mark so if you need some thin rubber come save some pennies. Also the Pavel/Rainbow/Greenroom minds have been working on a new design template for awhile now and we got three of em in a couple days ago. The "Creekfish" is a full waisted, wider tailed, slightly flatter step child of the tried and true Pavel Quad Quan Speed Dialer. This should be a better planing small wave mush killer than it's counter part with a wider tail to give you squirt on those ever common flat spots of the wave. Also a little more skatey off the tail and able to be ridden several inches smaller than the the Quans. We were also visited by the Christenson surf company last week and again today, We got some beauty C-Buckets in the seven foot range, two two tone Mickey Detemple models and a forest green CC Slider. If your curious about riding a retro single fin pulled pin tail with a more forward wide point these C buckets could fill your cup. Narrow up that stance and prepare trim right into minute 312 of the Morning of the Earth. We're starting to get our new full suits in if you're in the market for a new steamer, winter 2010 Body Glove, Matuse, and Xcel should all be hanging in the shop within the the next three weeks. Rumors of El Nino have been scurrying around everywhere I go. Heaps of rain, pumping northwesters and a hopeful busier than normal surf schedule might make one or even two nice new wetties that much more essential for this winter. Thanks for checking in, -Kenny Bloggins-