Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bloggins back to work.....

New 09 Matuse Fullsuits have arrived and have been renovated with some new design work and re-enforcement areas to make a great suit even better. These suits don't hold water like their predecessors ensuring your catlike reflexes will not be bogged down, these are closed cell limestone based rubber armor suits that are proven toasty warm, ultra flexy and bad to the bone. Available 3/2, 4/3 at the shop and 5/4 hooded upon request. This 5/4 Tuma is proven efficient in Alaska, Canada, and other really cold places.

New boots for them shiverin little flanges that need some quality coverage, after all dem little buddies are your control units that help execute those hot moves.
Brian Hilbers brought down some really neat Finelines for us on his way to Sacred Craft. All of which are full bellied thin rail hulls that ensure incredible lift and states of trim that can be so foreign and euphoric and so enjoyably unpredictable that they may cause quiver abandonment. Here is a 6'4" MP purple tint square tail and a 6'1 GB. Both come equipped with custom foiled and designed side bites to give you a little extra control and hold for those roundy rails.
The MP will surf better off the tail as far as agility and quicker maneuvering adjustments where the GB will offer a larger planing area throughout provoking more drawn straighter lines.

5'11 p-38 Hull fish, I mean what can you say that hull fish doesn't. Turns like a Suzuki Samurai off the tail glides like a Towncar in trim. This is the swallow tail model known as the Dirty Sanchez.

5'9" P-38. Glass on 101 Bamboo Fins. Custard nasal region with burnt orange back end.
All of the Finelines have really fine price points, all these boards are in the six hundred range which as you know is less than most these days. The price tags say nothing about the quality, craftsmanship and design integrity of these sticks. Do yourself a favor.

Whoa.........It's been awhile since my last posting, sorry about that there eh. Well you know those things in life that you hear about and think "how could that have happened to them," or "that would never happen to me," the bizarre mind glitching stories about crazy and rotten things happening to the least expecting of people. Well, I've had the inconceivable awakening to be one of those people and it's opened some mental doors that could and probably would have stayed locked for a very long time if not otherwise been put in this situation. The reality that real life twists can wake a person up really f@#!in fast from the daily innocent ignorance of the good life has come into full wide screen view in the past couple weeks. Unfortunately I have had to move my Bloggins headquarters out of state and I now officially have my own oncologist. Let's just leave it at that, explaining the three week delay on an update for you folks. My surf life at this point feels like a little kid peering into a snow globe dreaming of the magical winter wonderland, only my globe is a computer screen with surf report photos and swell charts. This ramble is not unlike the other hundred million stories written with the message of taking life day by day and living every moment to the fullest and it feels a bit self righteous and awkward as I plunk on these keys but when your in a situation like this, as so many others have been in, it feels like it's your duty to remind people to open up and take a hard look at the things we take for granted every day, especially getting to enter the ocean as a playground. What we surfers get to do is so unique and utterly organic it really epitomizes the theme of be here now, on the other hand it's so easily lost in ego trips, paddle battles and lineup crowding that sometimes the whole thing feels like driving in traffic. Well, the waves in my life don't involve any water these days and it hasn't been calm and glassy here for quite awhile, so the next time you feel like you're sitting in traffic wherever you are, remember there's a lot of people out there just like me who would give anything to be sitting right there with you. Thanks for listening, Kenny B