Friday, September 23, 2011

Forgotten gems at zirconia prices!

Well, somehow over the years these fine logs slipped through the cracks and ended up in the stock room with the quiver of Tudors. These things need to get in the water, help yourself to one of these boards shaped by Dennis Murphy priced right at wholesale! Dennis is a fantastic local shaper who has earned his keep among the surfing community by building killer logs, eggs, and thrusters, charging heaving Tables and being on overall really good guy!

9'4" Predator Round Pin Noserider Red tint bottom, clear deck, gold pin line 575
9' Performance Pig 525

FCS 2+1
9'6" Predator Magenta deck, gold pin, purple fade bottom 575

9'6" Predator yellow deck, red 1/4" pinline, magenta tint bottom
This one I likey. 650
9'8" Predator clear deck, twin gold pinlines, red tint bottom 650

9'10" Performance squash clear deck, black pin, yellow tint bottom. 650