Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well what do Junod?

The Mustachio is working on a hot new batch of his creations for us here at Mitch's. We have four Sunbeam models coming that are 5'10, 6', 6'4", and a 6'6" as well as three RON (regler ol' noserider) models in 9'2", 9'4", and 9'6" and also three Nowski models at 9'2", 9'4" and 9'7". Michel and his crew do an incredible job making fine surf crafts and we are excited to have some more of them in our shop! Here's some photos of what's a brewin' in Santa Cruz! -Bloggins-

An orange and a green Sunbeam ready for sandman.

Blue and yellow beams on the top racks with some freshly mowed RON's waiting for glass.
Sunbeams and an unglassed RON
RON gettin' laminated.
Here's a hot looking one, not sure if it's for us but nice colors.
This one's gonna be sweet. 9'6" RON Solid white opaque bottom, clear deck, dark purple 1/8" pinline.
Light navy-ish blue Nowski in the works. These things are sure to please.