Friday, August 19, 2011

Joechris Takabaugboxistenson!!

Things have been jammin here at the blogquarters and we have been trying to keep our inventory stocks diverse and unique.... Chris Christenson, Joe Bauguess, Kookbox and the Takayama folks brought us some drop dead killer sticks this past week that are just so. Caution: Irrational and compulsive thoughts may begin to occur with prolonged exposure to these photos and this blog! Thanks for peeping! -Bloggins-
Joe Bauguess has been tweaking on his designs a bit over the past year. Joe's been exploring his original Mini-Simmons design with different tail shapes and removable fin setups which give you a quiver load of skeg exploration and versatility for all types of surf. Wanna try one before you buy one? We have a demo here at the shop, come down and take it for a surf! Check out the website at
Stings, wings, swallows and squares....
Glass-ons, twins, quads and thrusters....
Choose your own adventure!
We've got a 5'8" Simster Tri w/ glass-on ply fins. Big side fins with a little center 950. We also have a 6'1" Simster Quad with glass-ons 950. Also a 6'2" Classic Keel Twin 950. All these boards have the origanal Simmons square tail. 5'6" Sim-Star winged Swallow-Tail w/ removable interchangable fins 1100. (pictured in front)
The new breed of winged zingers!
5'2", 5'4", and 5'8" Sim-Star square tails w/ 7 custom designed fibreglass removable fins to give you the option of a quad,tri, or twin setup! 1100
These boards are small wave magic! Yeah....and they go real good in the juice too!
Some hot new brims from the Takayama heads.
This stuff doesn't just surface in any old shop...We've got some really cool limited run threads and hats to go with some of the nicest boards on earth!
9'8" Takayama Model T 1,395. Volan Knee patch and rails. Subtle coke bottle green tint and a beautiful T-Band string.

This man!
9'7" Kookbox Step Ahead model 1,130. Burnt orange tint deck, dark green opaque rails, light blue solid opaque bottom, triple cedar stringer. SOLD!

9'9" Kookbox Moontail 1,320. Lime Green tint deck, Olive opaque rails, mustard semi-opaque bottom. 3/8 Basswood Stringer w/ offset glue lines.
My pocket is smoking as I type this.
Gonna have to patch the holes.
This is a really special longboard surfboard. I think.
Christenson gear is here too, you won't find that everyday either. Nice looking super soft Tees and Mesh Caps.
9' Christenson Mikey Detemple Model 1,260. Light blue tint w/ solid opaque white tail dip. 3/8 Cedar Stick. This board is really lightweight....
Performance nasal skimmer? Possibly
9' Christenson CC Slider 1,255. Solid royal blue tint, twin 3/16" Cedar Stringers, volan deck patch.
So seek brohhhh!
9'3" Christenson West Side 1,280. White deck, semi-opaque cream tint bottom 3/8 cedar string.
This one has no nose concave, more of a belly roll all the way up for an off the tail pocket ride that is oh so smooth.
10'6" Christenson Glider 1,340. Solid Dead Vegetable tint, 3'8" cedar stringer.
Frickin fast as frick!
9'6" Christenson CC Slider 1270. Double 3/16" cedar stringers w/ volan knee patch.
Trimminy Crickets!
9' Christenson Westside 1290. Solid semi -opaque cream nose with a solid deep chocolate brown tail dip, 3/8" cedar stick.
The vanilla dip cone.
9'5" Christenson Mikey Detemple Model 1260. Opaque vanilla nose w/solid opaque white tail dippin'.
We can make dreams come true!