Friday, November 23, 2012

Blue Sale Saturday

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, 'cause we sure did!  So if you decided to swing by the shop today, you would have noticed that we had quite a few goodies on sale in our new updated Recession Room! If you forgot to look in our new and improved Recession Room, fret not my friends because we are continuing our sale on thru Saturday as well!
What's that you say? What do we have on sale, you ask? Well, we've got wetsuits, booties, Tudor surfboards, mens and womens t-shirts... oh yes! The list goes on.
So if you missed out on the fun today, stop by tomorrow for our even better sale that we like to call BLUE SALE SATURDAY. Nuttin' wrong with that! Blue looks better than black any way!
So, here's the fresh scoop:
20% off all traction pads and board bags with the purchase of a new surfboard.
1 Free bar wax with every Mitch's Surf Shop T-shirt purchase.
And last but not least, we have many other items on sale in our Radical Recession Room.
So come on in and get some good stuff!