Friday, August 6, 2010

9'7 Hobie Reproduction: Circa '62

Mr. Cherry has been a long time customer of our shop, and we have always discussed how we would like to see one of his hand-shaped boards. John is a talented wood worker out of Southern California that we usually buy fins and different types of wooden tools from. This time the fin that he brought was attached to one of his fine boards for us to display at the shop. John not only builds boards, but can appreciate others that do the same. He is one of the only shapers that I have ever met that has actually bought another shapers board, because of his pure interest and love for the shape. (From us, off our rack, full retail. Had to cover my butt before all the old salts start complaining about that comment)
Here is what I'm talking about. John is also an avid collector and decided that he should build a board thats based off of this 1962 Hobie. The dimensions of this and the reproduction are exact, measuring in at 9'7 x 22 x 3 1/4. Same tail rocker is added to ensure a classic ride.
Take a close look at this. The stringer has one modern update, its chambered. He said it was a huge pain in the ass to do, but the difference in the weight was worth it. Originally started off as a solid 3" ultra-light balsa.
Close up of the chambers. Each one individually carved out by John. As you can see he is quite the craftsman completing every step of building the blank.
Forgot to mention that John also lowered the nose rocker a little. This is the blank pre-glue up.
glue up....
Shaped out of a 9'9B US Blank, green density.
This early 60's "D" fin is amazing. Made out of Jatoba, which is a type of Figureo Brazilian Cherry, I think. Johns probably gonna punch me in the lip if I got this wrong. Picture does it justice though. Keep your eyes open for the next issue of Slide magazine where this fin will be featured in an article that John could not go into much detail about.
Glass job was given to Micheal Miller Glassing down in San Diego. Double 6 deck and bottom with a Papaya tint and Resin Pin Lines. Micheal did a great job.
$1500, which is more than fair. It will be on our ceiling, but not for long. Thanks John for building such a fine piece of art.