Friday, June 29, 2012


Check out what's growin' off the trees at Mitch's! Taylor here, and this one's for the ladies--thanks to Amanda Chinchelli, Italian surfer and designer that grew up on the island of Ilhebela in Brazil. Frustrated with women's surfwear options, Amanda started making her own suits and fellow waterwomen were impressed. With both style and practicality in mind, Amanda started Seea and now Mitch's is stoked to have our hands on some of these smokin' suits!
     Remember "skorts"? This asymmetrical style is hiding cute little shorts underneath the skirt. Comfy and flattering. Win-win.
 A favorite around these parts, this boyshort/suspender combo has a retro feel and the stripes compliment every beachy bum.
Prefer a 'kini? We've got em! Mind-blowingly comfortable and cute to boot.
 That's the same swim tank! That's right, you're looking at a reversible swim tank, lengthy enough to shred the gnar without having to constantly tug and adjust. Less adjusting=more ripping.
But wait, there's more! Pick up a groovy rashguard or two and get your stripe on.
We're impressed and you should be too. Come by the shop to grab one for yourself, and as a bonus you'll be able to check out their too-cute Seea display, complete with footage of some dreamy log riding.