Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More New Boards!!! Holy Shnikes!!

Two nu 6'0 Sea Bucket Christensons here, blasty fast!

Chris Fishes come w/ 101 glass on bamboo keel twins

Ladies and Gents, The continuous current of surfsliders just keeps flowing (insert funny line here). A bundle Takayama scorpions floated on in on Saturday, 6'4 to 7'8" in an array of stingy coloryness. If yer looking for a modestly priced Christenson fish we just got six sanded clear logoless cedar stringered rip riders for just bout six bills. Brian Hilbers from Fineline Surfboards brought his creations down as well, these should not be overlooked, these boards are the state of the progretroservitive modern future throwback design work that really really work. Trim one, turn one, I dare ya........Uhhhhh, ummmm just about all I gots tuhday. -Kenny B-