Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Skinny...

on these wide boards is fun/speed. Thats right, I said it-Fun/speed.
If you have not tried, you do not know. Fun/speed is the way to go.
Twins, tris, quads, anyting you want, ANYTING.
ORIGINAL Mini-Simmons by Joe Baugess are in no way bogus. Solamente
real deal.
5'4 quad, 5'6 quad and tri, 5'8 quad and tri. Twins 5'10, 6'2, 6'4.
Free T-shirt with board purchase, eh? Si mi hermanos, si.
Hand shaped-hand delivered by this guy. Thanks Joe!
Premium EPS cores by White Hot Foam.These go really fast in the water
and out the door. They're HOT! White Hot! Get 'em while....they.....
are.....still here? OK, thats enough.