Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New sleds for shred heads......

Kenny Bloggins sifting the seas of skeg...
9'4" Bing Elavator Chris Del Moro Model

Schticks eh?????
9'6" Christenson Pig
100% Hand Shaped Triple Stringer
Complete Volan Lime Green Tint
Glass on Fin One of a Kind by Chris Christenson.

Hey there bloglings, got some new boards that are lookin extra nice. The Binglings dropped off some logs with some great colorwork tints and panels. We got 9'2" and 9'4" Elavator models by Chris Del Moro, along with a 9'4" NR-2 and a 9'2" Silver Spoon. Also, just yesterday we got a group of 12 Takayamas that look impressive as usual. 7"8" Scorpion dark blue tint with gold laminates, 7'6" Flo Egg solid opaque white, seven In the Pink including a mini 8'0", three DT-2's. We jus keep getting more and more fine sticks that needs some fine pilots, come on buy, we got enough free energy drinks to palpitate at least a hundred tickers, grab one and let's amp you on a new watery craft. Oh yeah got some Michel Junod boards that should be arrive in about a week, keep your eyes peeled surfsters. Thanks,- Kenny Bloggins-

Friday, July 17, 2009

Art guys go Mitch's.....

Solitary Arts skateboards
Pianist Plankster.
Arts shirts by GM
Wheels and lumber hand made in California!!
Mucho camisas guey......

Cotton varietals.
New logo by Chris Del Moro.....(thanks bud)
Real life color for the planer tee. Yippee!

We got some nice new shirt designs here in the shop, a couple new color ways on some classics and a new anchor logo courtesy of Mr. Chris Del Moro and his artistry. We been folding for a week around here, I'd be willing to bet my water logged 8' doyle that we got your size. Stroll on in, try one on, own a piece of history? Also, some cool duders up there in the bay area sent down some groovy sidewalk surfing boards ( Geoff McFetridge, Yong-Ki) of Solitary Arts. If your feeling the need for a new roller rider this could be a choice, and when you slam from speed wabbles a nice new Mitch's T could sort of maybe kinda save you from harsher road rash a little bit. THanks.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


CJ and the guys from CITYFOG came buy yesterday and droped off this stick, so you should come buy and check 'em out

Monday, July 6, 2009

Quiver Me Timbers!

Hey there blogsters, just poking around the shop admiring all of the fine crafts we have living here at the moment and was wondering just how many surf sliding devices are actually in this little tienda. HMMMMMMM? To my delight I counted 503 sliders of all shape, size and style waiting for promising new owners just like puppies and kittens at the pound. (we don't euthanize boards???) Adopt your next pet too! Please! On a lighter note, there are over 40 used boards looking for a second chance, 3 Stand Up Paddle Boards for those afraid to lay down and 33 skateboards ready to roll! Hey you could even rent a board and have 15 to chose from. Oh yeah, we also just got a fancy new array of 50 Captain Fins that look nicer than your grandma's caddy. Stop on by, look, touch, dream, buy, don't buy, enjoy. Don't act like your not impressed....

Friday, July 3, 2009

Have a nice weekend

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