Friday, March 25, 2011

These will do just Fine!!!

Here's the lot of our Fineline selection shaped by Brian Hilbers. The majority of these sliders are of the hull genome, varying slightly in their bottom contours, foils, and fin arrangement. If you're seeking a hull lot of new feelings in your surfing devices these boards are definitely a unique
breed for your quiver.

7'6" Single Fin Egg, Round Tail, Light Blue Tint
Pleasure seekers inquire within 645
6'2" MP (Derived off a Micheal Peterson template and shape, altered to a modern day hotstick) Hull belly through the entry into Vee in the tail. Down-rail bevel for more off the tail surfing and powerful cornering. 1+2 fin setup. Dare I say high performance hull?
Light Vintage Yellow Tint, 625
6' Little Bastard. Bad Acid Bottom(tri-plane hull bottom contours) for lift and glide, down rail and vee in the tail for shred and a more 2+1 fin setup for a more conventional off the rail power driven approach. Who needs a regler' ol shortboard anyway!
Grey Blue Tint, 620
5'11" Gee Bee. Full hull belly and mucho foil for those feelings. 1+2 setup (mini stabilizer fins to run in semi parallel unison with a large flex fin) This creates more stability and control off the tail and cuts out drifting and slip in the pocket and on turns.
Opaque Maroon Nose, Opaque White torso, FCS side buttons. 675
5'10" P-38 Dirty Sanchez, Hull Swallow Tail. Black nose, light blue tint. Bamboo twins.710
Skate off the tail, hull projection and trim out of the middle.
5'8" P-38, Lunch tray tail for rocket fast low drag glide, Navy blue opaque deck, light blue tint bottom, glass on bamboo twins. 710
Hull Twin? Yep, and it works really well. We've piloted them in many conditions.
5'9" Quad Hull, Speed in the front, precision in the rear. 595
Lock Box Setup.