About Us

In 1967, while still in high school, Mitch sprouted a tiny business in an old house on Pearl St. in La Jolla.  He began selling board building materials and core essentials to the eclectic and influential Windansea/La Jolla area surfing population. As surfing's popularity grew so did the shop's size, product availability and reputation as it soon became a cultural hub for the area's diverse surfing personalities. In the early 80's Mitch again addressed the need and demand for a foam blank wholesaler in  north county San Diego and began stocking blanks, resin and cloth in the back of a nursery on Highway 101 in Solana Beach. This outlet would again gain momentum and become what is now Mitch's North. These days we are the oldest surf shop in San Diego and are still dedicated to providing the county's shapers and surfers with the best products and  best informative advice we know how to give. We strive to be the catalyst for the continued art of surfboard building by making anything needed to make a surfboard accessible to anybody who has an interest. Our shop's products, board selection and customer service reflect our conscious, collective effort to support and embrace all the good things in surfing. Cheers!