Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ding, Bings are done.

We only received one or two boards this shipment, but this is one that had to be posted. New 10'0 NR2. Usually the NR2 has a 3/8 bass, but the Bings got creative and decided to lay this NR2 up with red 2 1/2" high density foam, and two 1/4 ceders to make the t-band. This board will take the suck out of your summer. Who cares if its cloudy and flat. This board will make your summer swell....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Come on, try it....

You know you want them.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kelly Slater does it again!

Holy crud, Kelly Slater won the world title again. I can't believe he's won 7 times now! Look at these fins FCS made to celebrate. Oh so cool. That guy surfs like hummingbird straight out of an espresso factory. I believe its because of these fins that he won even though they didn't make these fins until after he won. I met him once and I asked him why he didn't use glass-ons and he said, shut up kid and just buy my crap. I did and that's why they're here at the shop. Somebody please buy these so I don't have to look at them anymore. In other news here is the picture of the Kookbox Stepping Up board that we received the other day. Whoever buys it should put all three slater fins in the single box to make me happy.
Thanks, and cheer on Kelly so he has the motivation to win number 8!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

This town is getting Kooky....

-Samuel L. Kookson-
You put your kook in a shark this is what you get.
Props to the guys that put this together. Glad Cardiff spent $120,000 on the Kook. Only if the Kook could draw in crowds like this daily.
You put your kook in a box this is what you get. (Kookbox Surfboard)
New 9'8 Stepping Up Kookbox by the one and only Wayne Rich!
Thanks for the looks,

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chris Bowl

I wasn't joking about not having all of our boards on our website. Only one of these boards is listed on the inter-web. Somehow with the Takayama shop closing its doors we haven't posted all the new Christenson's that have been coming in.
I would get the white one, wait the blue one. I'll take em' all.

See ya later sucka's

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Takayama Stock

Donald's glassing style hasn't changed much over the years, but sometimes the simplest acid splash, or color combo can bring out a lot of excitement in us. HPD dropped of some more boards for stock that everyone should come by and check out.
So you know, we don't post a picture of every board that we get in the shop. I think we have something like two-hundred boards on our floor.
All different types of Takayama's like In The Pink's with airbrushes , ITP's with acid splashes, and ITP's with solid tints and opaques.
Oh, if someone says Surfboards aren't safe. Be assured that here at Mitch's we always use protection with our surfboards to ensure your safety.
If that's not enough we can double wrap it...
Back to the boards. New Scorpions in stock as well.
5'11-6'10-7'0h my god they're awesome.
The Scorpions that have four fins + Box include the both fin set ups. Richter!!!
Shaka to you later,

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rusty Preisendorker

NOYFB? New on your Facebook, maybe. Joel Tudor is at it again with another collaboration. Rusty puts his touch on what looks like the original Karma.
We haven't had a Rusty in the shop since he was making boards under the Canyon label. So it's kinda been a long time. You can come down and take some pictures, Facebook some stuff, even tweet it if you want to get crazy.
Trust us, these little chicks (grown up eggs) need some friends on the social network, but they can't do it themselves (no hands). You have to help them. Maybe even take one home and introduce it to some real people. Let them experience you and your Facebook skills. Introduce them to the ocean. After you Facebook 'em you can even show 'em swell models at night so they know that you're always thinking about them.
And if you don't like the new ones we still have Karmas in the shop. Come witness the evolution of Joel's single fins. You can facebook them too, even though they're old and don't care about computers....

I was really bored today, Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Its the right CHOICE....

Rich keeps calling and we keep answering. He just swung by and dropped of this 6'8 Choice with Gephart glass on's.
Most of the time we stock boards from the Rainbow brand, but this one was to nice to pass up. The guys at Channin did a great job picking the colors to make the ceder wedge really show.
If you look close enough you can see that the bottom doesn't have the same sheen as the top. The top is gloss polish, and the bottom is sanded gloss. The sanded finish is known to have less drag in the water making you go uber fast.
Come by and take a looksy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The closing of the Hawaiian Pro Designs Store

As you might of heard Donalds retail store in Oceanside is closing their doors. The good news is that Donald is still using his planer. We went up to his shop and grabbed some more models to make sure our stock is nice and healthy. Come by our store, or check out our website for new postings.
Check out this Scorpion that he let us take out of their retail space. Cool airbrush that is usually only found in their store. Keep an eye out for the new boards that we will be getting. Donald's manufacturing shop is still in full operation so we will be more than happy to pick up where the pro shop left off and cater to your Takayama needs.

Color as promised

Sorry for the lag time of posting the color.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Can you see the color....

The fine people of Bing swung by yesterday and dropped off some new sticks with all kinds of color.
Reds, blues, greens, all kinds of colors you've never seen.
Resin tints, swirls, opaques and tints, but most importantly no China fakes.
Elevators, Lovebirds, Pintails, and a Lotus from Bing. Colors that make our cash register go cha-ching.
Thanks for looking.