Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gimme the goods Kenny!

Usually our used board selection is pretty hot but this month we've got an exceptional quiver of pre-slid planks to ponder. These sticks are pretty practically priced for a penny pinching pocket program in this plundered purchasing power period we're in....pause.....deep breath....check em out! -Bloggins-
9' Takayama DT-1 ridden twice, flawless. Solid White opaque bottom, ice blue tint deck, black pin line. 850
9'6 Kevin Connelly Noosa 2 noserider, glass-on fin, solid white opaque, custom art on deck. 650

8'6" Kookbox Mini DT, Purple opaque deck, white bottom. SOLD

This is just a picture of my new barge.
Junod #17 Noserider fin, root beer green-ish color. We got em down here and they are super jazzy.
9' Kies Performance Longboard, 2+1 fin setup, black and white stripe-ness. 475
9'5" Kookbox Moontail, navy opaque nose, opaque mustard tan-ish tail, clear bottom. 800
9'4 Wood "Crusoe" model thumb tail noserider, gold and black acid spin out nose, clear body, reverse lap, black comp band. 700

9'9 Mickey Munoz single fin channel noserider, a signed collecter's item?

You decide. 600
9' Windansea performance longboard, yellow to orange to red rails.

6'6" Hobie thruster, Andy Cowell/Terry Martin Collabaration. Solid ice blue, perfect condition, a lot of foam here. 585
6' Eberly single fin. 330

6' Axis quad by Rich Pavel, red-x fins, solid clear. 550
6' Rat winged swallow tail thruster, never ridden. 450
Future boxes, nice stencil airbrush. Good bye!