Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Waves of Change

Veggie Dogs just don't have the resilience to the heat exposure as the classic nitratecicles do.

Manny Mandala and his Kookbox collaborative Scarab models. He's stoked on em' and so are we. You would be too.

Bass Stringer w/ glue lines. Single fin. This could be the lithium kneespin Uncle Blorq was mentioning.

Or maybe not, but they look great.

Sanded finish, single fin.

Christenson Cafe Racers. Black and Red airbrush rails with sanded finish. More of a short board look and construction on these.

Basswood sticks, volan deck patches.

We've got a batch of Christenson thrusters in the shop. We haven't had regular thrusters in years but these ones are an exception.

Carbon Tail strips, FCS fusion plugs

Green CC SLider, twin cedar stringers, volan knee patch.

9' CC SLider, twin Cedar stringers, volan knee patch, solid opaque rail bands

9'4" Takayama Double Ender, orange tint, 3/8" Bass stringer, Black pin line

9'2" Takayama DT-1

Billy Watson and the Silver Submarine band terrin' it up!

Mr. Watson is no stranger to a strange face.

Although he is not a stranger nor is his face strange?

Swarthow and Bloggins raffling the raffle off.

Jim knows the dog. He was captain weiner this day.

Cam held down the raffle tent in case anyone wanted to know if any of the prizes were like really really good.

It was sooo in tents bro!


Thanks again everyone we had a great time!

Monster swells, shark sightings, huge power failures, giant sewage's been a pretty lively month in SD county and aside from the millions of gallons of doo doo swirling off the coast everything else has made life around here a lot more interesting and exciting in my opinion. What was also really exciting was our Sale and Charity event we had over the Labor Day weekend, the bands ripped and we stoked a ton of people out with CHEAP wetsuits and gear and the most raddest of all was that we raised a substantial amount of money to donate to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts which is a San Diego based charity that helps kids in the county who need corrective surgeries that couldn't afford to get them without the support of this organization. So to all those who came to our sale and bought a raffle ticket and to all of our sponsors who donated raffle prizes and food to help make this a success we applaud you! Thank you very much. With that said, our board selection continues transform and become more and more stellar. We've got some new Kookbox single fin discs shaped by Manny Mandala as well as some more new Christenson CC Sliders, and Cafe Racers plus some hot looking Takayamas. Feast your famished eyes on this cornea candy! Thanks for poking around. -Bloggins-