Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kenny gets deep....

Well howdy there blogsters, Kenny Bloggins coming at you live from my inland chemotherapy treatment center as I'm being intravenously infused with harsher drugs than you could get on any sketchy dark Tijuana back alley. This place is about as far from surf thought or culture as I could find myself other than a camel ride in the Sahara. It's really mind jogging stuff seeing how many people's lives are intertwined with cancer and chemotherapy. People come back here two and three times to try to save their own life. Here I am sketching this morning about getting my IV put in while the lady next to me is on her third round of chemo and the nurse has tried about eight times to find her vein for an IV as tears roll down her weathered cheeks. This situation is such a mind opener, life deals up so many wicked hands and so many unjust situations it makes me feel grateful for every moment I ever had sliding with my friends or rolling on my skateboard. I'm seeing people that have had diseases and disabilities that have halted their once common life into an everyday uphill battle. I read the Lance Armstrong book a couple weeks ago and one of the things a fellow cancer survivor told Lance was "we're the lucky ones, you don't think so right now but you'll know after all of this." I can see that as clear as the water at Swamis in September, even at this stage in my episode. This is the most intoxicating and utterly raw way to take notice of yourself, life, nutrition and gratitude for every person and experience we're so lucky to have. In this mind state there are no kooks; hip styles, lousy surf conditions, elite surf clicks, premium boards, fancy surf rigs, ego trips, rippers, trippers, or more rightful surfers than others. We're all disillusioned in the pursuit of FUN on these glorified water sleds as we dance the surface of the ocean, trying to exude our self expression and obtain feelings that are so self centered and utterly unimportant that the thought of all the negative energy and self righteous elitism that our surf culture breeds is down right embarrassing to the tune of the real world. Give away a wave for me and all the other dampened souls in this oncology center. Thanks for listening, hope that wasn't to heavy for a supposed janky surf shop blog. Kenny B- Got the anticipated Mike Peterson film in the other day. A cinematic insight into a tripped out, hippy granola eatin', drug filled, globe trotting, ubur-ripping progressive life of one of surfing's most elusive and misunderstood surf icons. Pop it in, sip somethin and enjoy the ride.

Got some new foamy rip riders from the folks over at INT. Some of these have future fin set ups enabling some real performance ride traits like that of a poly board. 4'11" blackball beater shown here could be bodacious as a permanent ding free device for the bed of your truck or something to divert your out of town visitors away from your nice quiver with.

Hot graphics for a hot little shredster. This might even be a rad little travel board as it would be relatively safe from the baggage apes that seem to have a talent for blowing out boards.

Here's two 5'1o" fishies at $300, one with Future and the other with the traditional soft board plastic screw type fins which are much more flexy and soft for those novice out of towners.

5'10" Decks, Squishy and wax free, think of all the dollar bills you could save on buying wax. Blue one is equipped with Futures.

7' Blue and 8' Yellow $375 , these are the quintessential surf devices for anyone just learning. Super safe and resilient, stable and surprising well surfing. You would be surprised how fun these are, they can really be an enticing option on those wierd little days especially when someone else you know is riding one as well. (i.e. board transfers, trim battles, shoot outs, etc.)

And the 9 footer $400, the king of stability and the proven teacher of the decade.

This here is Micah Wood and one of his 100% handcrafted surfboards he brought on into the shop for us. Micah is a real nice young gentleman with that natural craftsman talent that will most surely make him a standout board maker in years to come. Swing buy and take a gander at what this young lad is capable of, this here is a 9'9" traditional 50/50 single fin log. Nice work Micah.

I wood love to have one of those fine sleds I tell you what.

Also new in the shop are more hand made, recycled material totes by Peace by Piece. These are fine quality carriers made by a lovely lady in Leucadia. Tote in style young toters

More fine works of bag, she has a knack for finding killer materials at the thrift and fabric stores. Patterns that degree holding, fashion savvy, corporate surf company designers will likely not be envisioning for years to come if not ever. This is artsy, soulful individuality handed to you in a handbag.