Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This "Mini Slider's" Crazier than a road lizard!

What we've got here is a "One of o' Kind" 8'6" Chris Christenson "Mini Slider", carved out of CLARK FOAM.
It's a one off, can't find it anywhere else but right up here at Mitch's Surf Shop in Solana Beach.
So listen up all you crackerjacks get on down here and pick it up

-The Juice

Monday, December 28, 2009

Slide into the NewYear like a mongoose in a hen house

Didn't get exactly what you wanted for christmas? take a all that cash you got and come down to mitch's and snag one of these sweet little wave sliders.

5'8" CAFE RACER hot dang competition orange

I picture my little baby Jesus wearin' a tuxedo T-shirt slidin down the face of a monster, screamin' Shake 'n Bake. On one of these super bad, Black 6'6" C-Units. Ohhh Yeah
Ahh dang look at this, 5'8" pumpkin seed by the man himself Michel Junod
this things sweet right here, I dont care who ya are

is loose