Friday, March 5, 2010

Short shorts, and tee shirts

Short shorts, cough, bumblebee tuna. Insight just came through our doors and wants southern California to show off man thigh. You know your excited. The only part that's gonna suck about this is the sunburn that your gonna get from exposing your ghostly whites to even the slightest U.V. ray. Just remember, everyone's doing it.

Check these things out too! Mr. Griswald has put together a small tee shirt collection with some of the guys that we feature in our shop on some tee shirts. You can click on over to his blog to get a small idea of what the project is all about at


The shirts are going to feature different artist and athletes through time. This is the first run that has hit the floors.


With everyone of the shirts that are sold some of the proceeds go into the pockets of the artist that are featured on the tee so that they can keep doing what they do. Hope you like it, the shirts are available at both of our shops.