Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tudor Surfboards Quiver!

All of these boards are nine hundred and ninety nine dollars! $999 SOLD!

10' Bat Solid Lime Tint, black pin line, white and black opaque nose stripes.
Hey? Wait a second the nose looks like the tail and the tail looks like the.......
Get batty on this thing.
9'8" Papa Joe Red tint bottom, clear deck, black pin line
Lockbox side fins
9'6" Papa Joe Solid sea foam green tint, black pinline
Round pin
Lock box 2+1
9'4" Diamond Tail Cherry red tint, white pin lines

Lock box side bites
9'4" Diamond Tail Quad Rust tint bottom, burnt yellow deck, black pin line
Four lockboxesssiss
9'8" Classic Noserider 3/8 Cedar Stick, opaque baby blue bottom, turquoise tint deck, black pin line
Single fin trim monster

9'6" HPNR Maroon opaque tint bottom, clear deck, black pin line
too plus juan
9'6" Papa Joe Royal Blue Opaque bottom, clear deck, red pin line

9'6" OJT (Original Joel Tudor) Sky blue bottom, clear deck, royal blue pin line

9'6" Classic Pintail Solid light blue tint, white pin line
solimente uno fin guey...
9'6" Papa Joe Solid navy tint, white pin line, 3/8 cedar wood
two and one.
9'8" NR04 Rust acid trippin on bottom, clear deck, red pin line

single fin
9'8" HPNR Red tint bottom, clear deck, black pin line

9'3" Chick Stick Opaque light yellow bottom, opaque pink deck, red pin line SOLD!
Single Fin Nasal Plank

9'6" Papa Joe Mustard opaque bottom, clear deck, brown pin line
glass on fins

9'8" Diamond Tail Solid royal blue tint, white pin lines
9'3" Classic Noserider Sky blue opaque bottom, clear deck, blue pin line

10' Diamond Tail Clear, twin black pin lines

9'3" HPNR Pinkish Red bottom tint, clear deck, black pin line

9'2" Classic Noserider Yellow and orange acid bottom, clear deck, purple pin line

9' Classic Noserider Solid red tint, cedar stringer, twin white pin lines

9' OJT Light blue tint bottom, clear deck, black pin line
9' Classic Square Tail Solid root beer brown tint

9' Skyler Model Lime Green Bottom tint, clear deck, black pin line

9'2" Diamond Tail Chocolate opaque bottom, clear deck, red pin line

9'3" Swallow Tail Solid Blue Tint, white pin lines

9' Swallow Tail Solid Red Tint, white pin lines

6'2" Good Karma 2 Brown opaque bottom, yellow tint deck, black pin SOLD!

80's Thruster Solid dark maroon opaque, white pin line
Lockbox setup
8'6" Bat Solid Maroon opaque, red opaque nose panel, red pin line SOLD!

7'6" Egg Solid Christmas green opaque, twin white pin lines SOLD!
Good Bye!