Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pavel + Ice 9 = The "Pisces"

Yeah, yeah, yeah so I made the name up, but I'm creative like that. Sorry the blog has blown it for a week, but I heard lake Erie had a mean wind swell so I made the trip. Well, it blew, but that's about it. While the week passed Rich Pavel finished up a one of a kind long board for us here at Mitch's.
If you know about Pavel then you know that only his hand-shaped boards receive hand drawn logos on em. The art states "Sursum Corda", which in Greek it translates into "Let us lift our hearts". Pretty cool little touch that Rich slayed down on this one.
So why name it the Pisces? Um, the "P" stands for Pavel, and it was made of ice 9. Put the two together and "The Pisces" was created. Some say that the name is derived from constellation of the Zodiac, but I'm pretty sure my reasoning is correct and that Astrologist don't know dunk.
I mean Rich was around when Steve Lis made the fish, and Rich is credited for putting four fins on a fish. Take a look at "The Pisces" Rich said lets put four fins on it like he did here with this board, Um, can you say "Pisces"? To even further back up my reasoning look at the Latin translation of Pisces. It means "Fish". It all comes together. I'm right, Astrologist wrong.
Go ahead, talk to your local Astrologist. Ask em about what Pisces means. They'll probably mention something about two fish tails being tied together, which I would then further argue why the name fits this surfboard rather then some star constellation. That's why this board doesn't have a swallow tail, but can still have a name that means Fish.

Anyways, this thing is a one of a kind board from Rich Pavel. Ice nine dropped of this blank a ways back to show the public that they were capable of doing unique blank glue ups. Rich saw it and got creative. 9'0 with Geppy quad glass-ons. She's a real beaut'

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