Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling Kooky!

Shred it Kook!
Twin pin, Diamond Tail, Swallow Tail.
Seems like the trees like em.......
Can't argue with those hues.
Diamond Tail Eggssssssssss.
Kenny B here reporting live from the Mitch's surf house, some hosers just brought in those there Kookbox surfinboards which seem to be highly anticipated and sought after these days. 5'10" Diamond tail twin fin, 6' twin pin creamsickle, 5'6" swallow tail twin green/blue. Also dem dare Diamond Tail Eggs in 7'10" and 8' for ya small wave creedlers. These things got more foam than a blown keg of cheap beer so ya should be able to ride em on almost anything that trickles in on the coast. If yer not feeling the need for a new surfy device we got some four wheel funsticks from Sector 9 today asswell, couple Joel Tudor models and some pool carvers, fine lumber outa San Diego. Seems everyday its like christmas round these parts, everyday our chocolate santa Norm rolls through the door with a dolly full of goodness. OOOhh yeah, got some good stuff in the used realm; 6'4" Minnard Quad, 6'0" Fletcher Chinard twin, 9'6" Christenson CC slider, 9' Breakers brand new $395, mmmmmmm.....and lots of other good stuff I can't remember pacifics on. Have a good day out there! Thanks -KB-