Saturday, August 15, 2009


9'9 Blair Foam we got as a tester a while back. Is that tail crooked? Well, yeah! There's a pirate on it! (Dumda dum dum dum)
So to keep within the series 7'7, we made a 9'9.

Ever prep almost 10 feet of cloth, pour lots of different colors of resin on it, and have it go off before your squeegee even touches it? Do you know what this can do to a man? Or a board for that matter? I guess you take a step back, ponder life, and then RIP THE WHOLE MESS OFF THE BOARD and THROW IT ON THE FLOOR.
And then you start over. But to cover up your color mess on the blank, you make it BLACK. This does not go well on the beach in the summer.
I miss the garage...


Looks like Jim Swarthow found out how to get the blogumentation from home....

"Things will start happening to me now"---The Jerk

Reno clouds at Christmas.

Cardiff sunset MLK Day (Gobama!), 09.