Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kelly Slater does it again!

Holy crud, Kelly Slater won the world title again. I can't believe he's won 7 times now! Look at these fins FCS made to celebrate. Oh so cool. That guy surfs like hummingbird straight out of an espresso factory. I believe its because of these fins that he won even though they didn't make these fins until after he won. I met him once and I asked him why he didn't use glass-ons and he said, shut up kid and just buy my crap. I did and that's why they're here at the shop. Somebody please buy these so I don't have to look at them anymore. In other news here is the picture of the Kookbox Stepping Up board that we received the other day. Whoever buys it should put all three slater fins in the single box to make me happy.
Thanks, and cheer on Kelly so he has the motivation to win number 8!