Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sailing the Seas of Sale!

Just another public service announcement from us here in Solana Beach that we will be having one heckuva a sale event here this Saturday Feb. 5th! Heaps and loads of crazily cheap goods, oodles of free hot dogs and multiple hours of groovy live music to enjoy. If your looking for some new threads, a new board, suit, booties, hat, deck pad, sandals or just a regular ol' tootin good time stroll on down.
George's has been super good!

Unidentified Mitch's employee mining the stoke before work.

The plants in the garden look like they are just as stoked about this last couple weeks of ripe conditions as we are.

Skeletons in the garden.


Plenty of fold and skids to go around the past two weeks.
Jim Swarthow seeking the feelings. He knows the ones.
I'm Kenny Bloggins saying Stay Glassy San Diego.