Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Takayama Stock

Donald's glassing style hasn't changed much over the years, but sometimes the simplest acid splash, or color combo can bring out a lot of excitement in us. HPD dropped of some more boards for stock that everyone should come by and check out.
So you know, we don't post a picture of every board that we get in the shop. I think we have something like two-hundred boards on our floor.
All different types of Takayama's like In The Pink's with airbrushes , ITP's with acid splashes, and ITP's with solid tints and opaques.
Oh, if someone says Surfboards aren't safe. Be assured that here at Mitch's we always use protection with our surfboards to ensure your safety.
If that's not enough we can double wrap it...
Back to the boards. New Scorpions in stock as well.
5'11-6'10-7'0h my god they're awesome.
The Scorpions that have four fins + Box include the both fin set ups. Richter!!!
Shaka to you later,