Friday, July 29, 2011

More stuff you shouldn't convince yourself you don't need.

Been kinda jazzing up the skateboard selection these days with some unusual and classic sticks. Here's a Jay Adams Replica with Indys and OJ3s. Your shirt and shoes will just fly off as soon as you step on this thing. 135-
Another classic replica type board from a few years prior. G&S fibreflex sidewalk shredder. 145-
More of the same but always different I suppose. I counted 54 skateboards, 242 new surfboards and 46 used surfboards all quietly and patiently waiting for someone go give them a chance.

Santa Cruz screaming foot if skating wasn't fun enough now you get to ride a big blue foot. 125-

Santa Cruzer Eyeball 115-
Here's another replication of an old model. Santa Cruz Jammer, real similar to the late 70's ones. 118-
Santa Cruz Slasher....every kid had this or had a friend who had one or at least wanted one. 140-
Santa Cruz Big Foot. Bwaaahahahaha!!!! 135-

Cruzer Fishes with built in bottle openers for opening soda pop. 140-
Pintail speed machine. Jim Phillips Art. 135-
New road commander from Arbor seems like it would handle some serious hillage. 165-
Takayama Scorpions. Coke Bottle Green Tint and Custard Yellow Opaque. 1025's

Nat Young and Donald have finally refined and released Nat's new model. A wide tailed, piggy pocket rocket than can handle some juice.
Red Semi Opaque Tint Classic Single fin with a more rolled up softer rail.
And the clear with a 2+1 Setup and a down rail in the tail for a little more tail response and agility.
New Sector 9 Rigs. Bamboo decks with soy-based wheels and soy-based ink graphics. Joel Tudor model with built in rolling tray for rolling.....dice? 145-

Counted 166 fins in the shop that we have for sale. Chances are we've got something that will make your board gangbusters.

7'2" Takayama Flo Eggs. Mint Acid Swirl/White opaque w reverse lap 1,000. Olive Green Opaque top with reverse lap 950.

7'6" Takayama Flo Eggs. Solid white opaque with grey foam t-band 1,010. Yellow tint with orange foam t-band and reverse lap with black pin 950.

Takayma Scorpion, clear deck, red and black acid trip.

Takayama Mike Stidham Model. A wider and fuller beach break-ish high performance board.
Solid Semi-opaque white, sanded gloss, t band stringer 1,070

9' Bing Lightwieght. Green/Grey patchwork 1,065

9' Bing Silver Spoon, triple stringer, solid army green tint 1,060

9'2" Bing Elevator Solid Royal Blue tint 1,100

9' Bing Levitator Pomegranate tint, twin cedar stringers 1,030

9'6" Bing Levitator Champagne tint, twin cedar stringers 1,065 Sweet Dreams.... -Bloggins-

Friday, July 22, 2011

For real this time.

Micah's magical foods from our garden are making me superhuman, you should see me cross-step my log these days!
Christenson has hatched his take on the Mini-Simmons concept....we have a 5'7" and 5'8 here looking preety darn seek. More foil in the nose and on the rails throughout with a slightly more swine-like outline makes them seem like they'll be some skatey little devices that you could really put on a rail. 720's
Glass on they should be.
Go fast. Forward.
More new floaty discs from Jeff McCallum via Kookbox. Rounded Square Thumbish Tail Quad fins with really nice tints, perfect pins and sanded finishes. 1,065

Fresh off the the sanding pad.
6' Kookbox Twin Pin Jade Green Deck, Lime Green bottom, white pin. Glass-on fins 1,065

6' Kookbox quad, light blue deck, denim blue bottom, white pin. 1,065

6'2" Kookbox quad, this thing looks and feels ideal for a 200lb. plus fella. Mustard deck, purple-blue bottom, white pin. 1,065
Oh my quad!
6'4" Scorpion. Grey opaque deck, reverse lap bottom, black pins 4+1 setup. A real versatile vessel. 925

7'6" Takayama Scorpion, solid custard yellow opaque tint. One of the nicest one's i've seen. 985

5'6" Takayama Scorpion, lime green and pink acid swirl-out for eighties flashbacks, reverse lap, black pin, 4+1 890

6'2" Takayama Scorpion, solid blue tint, reverse lap, black pin, 4+1 925

Jon Haffey is a legend round these parts.....Joel and the Kookbox camp thought he ought to have a design of his own for the label. This thing is narrow at 22" and long at 10' which makes for real parallel rails and not a real curved outline. What that means is this thing is gonna tttrrrriiiii-iim! Less is more. 1,165
Triple sticks, black opaque bottom.
9'2" Takayama DT-2, t-band stringer, black pin, turqoise tint bottom. 1,150

9'4" Christenson West-Side. Magenta pink semi opaque bottom, black pin, clear deck. A pink pig seems appropriate i suppose.

9'5" Takayama Devon Howard Special, twin stringer taper with blue foam wedge, clear gloss and polish. What nice curves! 1,150

9'6 Takayama in the pink, colors, t-band stringer, Scott Henry. 1,175

9'8 Takayama In the Pink, clear deck, t band string, white pins, fusia bottom tint? Yeah. 1,190

9' Kookbox Step Ahead by Wayne Rich, cedar stringer, glue lines solid light green-blue-grey. This board feels perfect. 1,100

9'6 Kookbox Haffey Model. Thanksgiving board. Orange deck, brown rails, army green bottom. Be greatful for speed. 1,165

Nice Racks.

We've been diggin' it.
Bentley rides a Haffey Model.
Got this here really nice log on the used rack. 10'4 Michel Junod RON (regler ol noserider). This thing is in super shape. 750 is a steal.

Car is for sale too.

My usual complacency has taken hold again and I've been camping on the blog for a month?!?!. A big Sorry to whoever has been out there waiting for a new shop update and been getting shut down like the 405. For real this time Kenny Bloggins in back on a revival tour and will be posting many dates. Well here's a whole heap ton of photos and new products that have washed into the shop in the last four weeks. We have been getting a whole lot busier around here and we just can't seem to keep any boards of any kind in the shop, things are sprouting wings and legs and just disappearing faster than we can keep up. Summer is really here and the signs seem to be showing that people are starting to feel more comfortable purchasing things these days. Thank you everyone for your continued support and dedication to our store and our commitment to surfing's good things. Cheers, Kenny Bloggins