Monday, February 8, 2010


Had to bump Jim off the top. His fear of being seen in
public was just too much for him to deal with in these
trying times-which in itself is confusing-I don't
think Jim does "off the tops." Even more confusing
is the fact that every blog entry and or comment is
done by Mitch himself. So who is Kenny Bloggins? Is
Jim Swarthow man or machine? Or both? Where did The
Juice go? Are fullsuits on sale? How much? Matuse
too? Maybe we should ask the real question of a shop
that has been a gardening store, a gas station, and a
bar in its previous years, is this place haunted?
Could that explain the confusion of identities and all-
around suspect-ness of the employees? Or am I going
too far? You decide....
-Captain Juan Grande


Stickman said...

That guy works there too! Snap!

unidentified said...

any Tomo/Swift demo boards?

Stickman said...

sorry no new demos duder....