Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get right out of Town!!!!

Swami's footage from last night. I'm not exactly sure what emotion this video conjures the most; angst, awe, amp, disbelief, sheer hatred, or longingness? I mean this is just ridiculous, I think there's one wave where someone doesn't get completey Gene Hackmaned and the one's where people get burned the freaking culprits just proceed to shred as if it's there last ringer clip for the new Taylor Steele movie, complete disrespect and disregard for others. I wonder how many days in a row of pumping swami's it would take for these mongrels to share waves and for the crowd to thin to an adequate oxygen level. THREE YEARS STRAIGHT! Maybe. I have surfed out there so many times and been blatantly stuffed by the same four guys every time. The crusty bush lurkers who hang day in and day out on the rocks and in the bushes......Long Hair Larry, Ginger Troll Dave, Crab Stance Steve and Bronze Tan Terry all of whom ride boards with the GH lam on them, I don't think Gary would be very stoked on their antics, I know he wouldn't. Turd on those chumps. I bet over half of these dudes in this video got coal in there stocking's for their burns for turns jocko approach. But damn, I sure would love to get me one of those reelers!!! -Bloggins-


T.RIPPY said...

"turd on those chumps." Haha we're all missin ya Bloggins!

toddy said...

Waitaminute, at 1:47 someone gets out of someone's way...I swear, for real. Check it out. Documented.

Funny stuff.