Thursday, January 14, 2010

Utah, gimme two-

Custom 5'9 P-38 for Jonny Utah from Brian Hilbers/Fineline Surfboards.

Turns out that Bj and I are both nerds of the military aircraft kind.

(thems Bj fins too-super thin tippy flexy-see through thin!)
So with this fun-packed wave weapon being named after a fighter/
attack/support aircraft from the WWII era, we thought it would be
fun to try and make it look like the real thing.
Really cool to make this happen with Mr. Hilbers. Word is the glass
shop had a good time and were proud of this one. Muchos Gracias's
to Beej for the mind-bending shape and stoke of the P-38, and to
Waterman's Guild Board Beautifying Surfboard Factory for the
completely awesome lamination, color, and polish.

I've been on the demo P-38 for five months-usually ride a different
board almost every day-CAN NOT get off this thing.('til some 6'-10'
told me ta beat it yesterday) I knew the demo would someday leave,
so I got my own. But how do I put wax on such a beautiful board?

Swami's thursday morning. No one out!
Or everyone cleaned up? You decide.


Stickman said...

when you two get done eloping give me a call and I'll tell how to approach the waxing of that beater. Hehehehe.....

unidentified said...

was wondering about the difference between the swallow and the arc tail?
i have the #1 p38 arc tail.
currently a love/hate thing going on.
(i'm thinking it is my surfing for now)
i do love the flex of the fins but how do you think double foils would do? still flexy double bambooz?

Stickman said...

well I think the the arc tail offers up a slightly more "skatey" or "loose trucks" feel. That has been something that takes some adjusting to with these sticks. It's almost as if you can't drive your weight into the turns more just guiding them along. Kind of the forward hull approach of weightlessness and glide in your turns as well. If you have removable fins maybe try something taller. I know Brian towed in the fins a bit after some feedback and has been getting results of better hold on weighted bottom turns and less of a "dog off the leash" thing while going really fast in between rail transitions.

unidentified said...

yep. had my moments of pure out of control and fast at the Queenie.
you saying the arc is looser than swallow?
seems best results when i'm forward
hullish surfing.
the lines drawn sometimes feel to drawn out.
i think this board has huge possibilities with some tweaks.

Stickman said...

Hey there Dogleg.......Had a chat with BJ last night about the P 38 and the Dirty Sanchez. My calculations about the arc vs. the swallow were ill researched I suppose. BJ said that the arc has the tendency to push water under the board due to the huge surface area and width of the tail witch in turn causes some to that high speed lift and out of control surface slip and slide. His thoughts proved me incorrect, he has been working on refining the Dirty Sanchez to be the most maneuverable off the tail device with the most hold going fast due to the open space freed up by cutting the swallow out it allows some water to release out the back, sticking the board in the water more. He also redesigned the nose shape all together on the sanchez to be more forgiving in vertical and steep surf pursuits, slightly pointier and a more relaxed roll off the hull.
Hope this helps a bit, BJ seemed to think these tweaks made the things work loads better off the tail and going fast if your not just looking for hull lines only.